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My solar vehicle now partly energy-autark

Alleweder A6 velomobile parking next to a stationary photovoltaic array of about 200 x 70 centimeters in size.
Recently car manufacturers pop up who promise you to be able to solar charge your car with on-board pv-cells. It’s a hoax. But this velomobile needs about 5% as much energy per kilometer as a small e-car. This can be turned into a real solar-vehicle. It’s not there yet at all – but it’s on its way there and it is charging right now

Maximum distance travelled between two wall outlets without running low on battery:

1946 km

Level of energy-autarkie: > 93 %

and then I ran out of power in June 2020. I am now driving autark again and hope to top out the range.

= [ 1 – (battery range / achieved range incl. solar charging ) ] * 100

= how much of the achieved range was travelled on solar energy

Nominal range on one full battery charge: 120 km.

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